Friday, November 5, 2010

Vision Possible's Turkey Day Give Away!

Giveaway details

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When you think of thanksgiving

You think of family of course. But you also think of the feast. Soooooo…

When Vision Possible Wedding and Special Event Planning

Reaches 200 facebook “likes” we will be giving away A $25 grocery store gift card (winner’s choice)
To help with that turkey day feast!

This giveaway is very simple. To enter Visit our facebook page
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Leave a comment with your like number
For example I’m like #116

A number will be selected once we reach #200

Entry deadline. 11/21 @12am
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It’s win win!

You win a prize and help us reach our goal

Thanks for the Support!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you're going to jump the broom, do it in style!

As I remember my wedding day, one moment that stands out is the moment right after the kiss, when we turned to face our family and friends. A member of our wedding party stepped forward and placed a broom at our feet. And everyone began to cheer! Then we ~JUMPED THE BROOM!~ That has been my experience at every wedding that I have participated in or was a guest at, that included this tradition. The excitement and joy that fills the room during the jumping of the broom is something you’d have to experience for yourself. Especially when you know the origin and meaning behind this wedding tradition.

A little bit of background:
Little form of marriage was recognized for enslaved blacks during American slavery. In its absence, the ceremonial jumping of the broom served as an open declaration of settling down in a marriage-like relationship within the slave community. Although there is some debate as to where this tradition actually originated. It has been embraced and carried on over the years. After the end of slavery, this tradition was no longer necessary as freedom allowed slaves to marry as they pleased. It made sort of a come back after it was mentioned/shown in Alex Haley’s Roots.

You may not know:
Broom jumping is also practiced by non-black groups and different religions around the world with some variation. In the Celtic ritual, it is a symbol of fertility. Several couples interested in history or pagan ritual also are now adopting this custom in their weddings.

Today it is used as a celebratory wedding tradition, A broom itself represents cleanliness, the hearth and family.

So In a turn, the joy of jumping over the broom comes from the fact that it’s now done not because we have to, but because we want to!!!!

Do it in style!
It is a great pleasure to help brides and grooms tie their personal taste and style into their wedding tradition by creating custom brooms for their ceremony/ or reception. These days more and more people are in to showing who they are through their personal style, right down to their wedding décor.

Our wedding brooms are a great way to combine tradition and style. Couples can choose their custom broom design based on their style , the theme and/or color scheme of the wedding, the season etc. We also have standard designs to choose from. These embellished brooms make for great keepsakes that can be displayed in your home after the special day, or can just be purchased as home décor. Best of all they are very affordable!

Vision Possible broom featured the Village Bridal Showcase August 2010

Please check out some of our standard designs at our website
email: for orders, pricing and information.

*Our brooms can be shipped or hand delivered for local couples

Mr.& Mrs. Getting ready to jump the broom
( Broom by Vision Possible)

Monday, September 27, 2010

A bit of a bridal beware!

A little tip for engaged couples

All over the Internet you will find lists of questions for your officiant and /or ceremony site interview.

Questions such as
Do you have an alternate location in case of bad weather?
Are there any restrictions on what we can do with decorations, setup, music?
Are there any clean up requirements?
Are there photography/videography restrictions?
Is seating provided?
What is the fee? Is there a deposit?
Is an arch provided for us?
What time can our vendors arrive for setup?
Can we have our rehearsal here, too?
What other events will be here that day?
Is there a coordinator or contact who will help take care of things?

I think the question,  "Are there any restriction"? Is pretty vague.
When you hear that you think of things such as, what type of music can be played, or can we use tape for decorations or something along those lines.

So lets add the question, Do I have the freedom to perform my ceremony the way I ’d like or do I have to do it your way?. Be very specific during your ceremony site interview. You could be walking into a, my way or the high way type of setting. If you are a go with the flow kind person then that may work for you. However if you have personality and you want to display that in your ceremony, by doing things a little different, this may be a problem. Now sure in a holy place such as a church, there are some things you just can’t do. But surely walking in differently during the processional, or coming through a different door, or facing another way, is not at all offensive to anyone’s religion. So that should not be a big deal.

Also if this Is a church that you are not a member of, you may have to pay what they call a ( “donation” ) in order to use the church and/or it’s officiant. If you do pay that donation, ask what you get for your money.

For example if there is something that you don’t want on display at your ceremony, do you have the right to say so? Some churches have a on site wedding ceremony coordinator ( That’s usually the lady from the congregation that helps with all the weddings.) Find out if you are obligated to use their services. Especially if you have your own coordinator already. If so, ask to meet this person, and maybe have a meeting with their coordinator and yours to establish a clear understanding of who has what duties. Keep in mind, some pastors, or preacher, or priests or what have you, tend to be rather territorial over there house of worship and may not be open to an outside coordinator coming in to direct the ceremony. Have these things established in advanced so that your ceremony rehearsal does not become a chaotic tug of war. And no one steps on any ones toes. That’s the last thing you need the night before your wedding.

Let this be one thing that you won’t have to find out the hard way.

Happy Planning!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Throughout the wedding planning process you often find yourself swiping your credit cards and signing checks to pay for items and services for your special day.

After swiping and signing what seems like hundreds of times, before you know it, you have everything you need, and your wedding day has come and gone. Try throwing a DIY project in to the middle of all of those purchases. Nothing makes you feel more proud than watching someone enjoy something you made yourself.

There is a wide range of event elements that you can create.
Everything from invitations , favors, programs, table numbers etc. The Possibilities are pretty much endless!
Creating some DIY elements, is a great way to add a personal touch to your event that your guests will
Surely appreciate and remember. A personal touch is often a conversation piece. Which is also important in pulling of a great event. You want to keep your guests engaged.


The time and effort that it takes to work on those DIY projects is a
great opportunity to create memories.
You will always remember the night that you and mom and the girls sat around the table cutting hundreds of pieces of ribbon and printing out page after page until it came out right.

Cost Cutting

Creating some of the items for your event will also help cut cost.
With all of the fees applied when making a purchase, such as shipping and processing. You can bypass some of that by just doing it yourself.


Try not to get in over your head. Know your limit and abilities. Make sure you have enough time, know how and help to dedicate toward your DIY project. It’s important not to get stressed out.

You’re supposed to be having fun!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VP Custom Crafted Creation

                               If you're going to jump the broom , do it in style!
Vision Possible recently added wedding brooms to our products and services. These beautifully embellished wedding accessories are great for those who want to mix some style with tradition for their special day.

Most of our brooms are designed using silk products including the floral and ribbon embellishment.
But since Vision Possible enjoys helping brides and groom on a budget realize their Vision and help make them possible, I wanted to do a more affordable, economy friendly broom.

So our latest broom was made up of items all purchased at The Dollar Tree.
A beautiful and festive piece of tradition, adorned in a raspberry colored ribbon, white tulle, white beading, and grass.

Items used
Broom: $1
Ribbon: $1
Beads: $1
Tulle: $1
Grass/floral: $1

Thanks to Dollar Tree for existing and having great products for just $1, and making even the most budget conscious bride feel good about her wedding.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Times, They Are A Changing

eWedNews recently reported a study suggesting that established business owners are having the most difficult time.
That report has inspired the following thoughts. So it basically states that business has been better for vendors that have been around  for less than 5 years, those that are newest to the industry, than it has been for those more established older companies

I imagine that, that might be so because although times have changed some wedding industry businesses are not willing to change with it. The economy has changed significantly and has effected most of us. Being in a position where you may need a break yourself, should open your eyes to the fact that your client may need a break too. Sure you must make a profit and be paid for you services but, I think the old way of doing things has to changed.

Lots of brides are turned away by more "Upscale and established" companies because they are on a budget.
Which then leads them to trying to handle the plans themselves, and often leaving out important details.
There are many hard working, engaged couples who want a beautiful, memorable wedding or event that they can be proud of but aren't willing to go into debt to achieve it. What about them?????

It's like saying " Don't look over here, I can't help you."
It's 2010 and these days everyone prides themselves on being budget savvy, frugalistas. Even shopping at second hand thrift stores for everything from clothes to accessories, home decor and much more has become increasingly popular. I am seeing more budget bridal friendly event planning companies, websites, books etc, but it is, in my opinion kind of looked down  upon by those same established companies that are struggling.

Everyone is deserving of upscale treatment and services regardless of budget! Of course realistic expectations must come along with that budget, anyone low on funds should surely already know that.
But it can be done, it has been done.

Speaking as someone who was once and a bride and now a planner, I know that when money is a issue, someone willing to help make a dream come true is much appreciated.

Vision Possible
Wedding & Special Event Planning
It is our pleasure to help make your Vision Possible!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shout Out to Thick Beauty!

Become one of the Four brides on TLC's Four Weddings

The television network, TLC is casting for its next batch of brides for their hit show FOUR WEDDINGS!
I really like this show because it shows wedding planning from different perspectives and budgets. Four women, (perfect strangers) plan their weddings then rate one another on their overall experience and on different elements of the event, such their gowns and decor. I like this show mostly because  watching these different brides from different walks of life take what they have a do their best with it, gives other brides (viewer) inspiration, ideas and hope that they can do it.

Regardless of budget your Vision is possible!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where does all that stuff go??????

I was watching the show Platinum Weddings, and watching these people spend many of thousands of dollars on flowers and other decor. Including thousands on things such as diamonds to go on the cake and flowers and so on and so on. I mean flowers in abundance, just everywhere! So of course, all that I can think about is, what do they do with all that stuff after the wedding??? I would just hate for all those beautiful flowers and such to go to waste. Now if I was that bride, or planner I would have maybe taken them to church, or decorate the house. But the best thing that I could think of to do is find someone else who may be having some sort of event after, and then donate them. I know what you're thinking, but you'd be suprised how long flowers can last sometimes. It would help someone save money on an event, and you get to put those Expensive flowers to use! So brides to be, birhday girls/and boys, etc.etc.. Visit a few of the local florists in your area and ask them about some of the events they are working on, they may be reluctant, but it's worth a shot. They may even put you in contact with their client so that you guys can make a deal of some sort. Some of you might be thinking "Thats Tacky"! Well remember not everyone is in a position to PAY for a platinum wedding but that does not make them any less worthy of one.
It's our pleasure to help make you vision possible!
Here is the link to a site I found once I thought about this. It's great to know something like this is out there.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moral Dilemma

I recently found myself faced with a moral dilemma. Then again I guess it wasn't much of a delimma because the decision was easy and I already had my own answer. Sometimes you just need a co-signer.
I'll just say that my decision may have been bad for business but good for my Soul.

Monday, March 22, 2010


My latest experience really taught me a lot. The list of lessons that I took away from this one event is too long to go in to, but this is the most important of all. I mentioned in my last post about dealing with different types of clients, and this bride a groom were, for the most part a pleasure to work with. But I recently got a great big old lesson in dealing with the clients friends and family. With the last event that I just coordinated I heard a lot of ( and I quote) " That's not how we did it at my wedding" And this was the officiant, " I've done several weddings and I've never done it that way before". There is a very simple explaination for that people, THIS IS NOT YOU'RE WEDDING!!!!!. I wanted to yell that out so very badly, but remaining professional for me is far more important then proving someone wrong especially in the form of a good old fashioned cuss out. But I grinned and bared it at took a lesson away from it. I bet it won't happen again. So let it be said, and let it be known that Vision Possible does not buckle under pressure. It's our job to help make your vision possible and that's just what we will do inspite of any obstacle.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm learning to work with different types of clients.

I'm learning to work with different types of clients. Those that are just too busy to return calls. Those who do not realize the urgency of this upcoming event. I think I'm handling it pretty well, considering. Something will always go wrong, as sure as a pig is pork!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Table Linen alternatives

Table linens that are often used for events tend to be pretty expensive. If you are planning a smaller event or maybe even just a dinner, you may want to explore other options for your linen. Typically you would turn to a rental company for this. But you don't have to go super expensive. Visit your local party store. You may not be into the plastic tablecloth look, but there are some that are made of other materials. The paper ones don't have the shiny look that you get from the plastic ones. Regular department stores such as Macy's and JC penny have good finds as well. BUT my very favorite cost effective thing to do for my table linens is to use curtains. Yes curtains! You can find different patterns and textures. I love to go to Mauburns and browse through the selections and even better, the clearence sections. Choose the length based on the size table that You're dressing. You may have to double up and/or overlap panels depending on the shape of the table. The sheers make for great overlays. They also have napkins and other items to help dress your table and space. Visit their website and find a store in your area.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(Eye opener) Everyone is not always going to see your vision, period

Wedding Party Attendants ( Decisions, decisions )

I recently had a conversation with my husband about a relatives upcoming wedding. We were discussing her choice for her wedding party attendents. It sort of sparked a debate as to who chooses who is to be apart of the wedding party ( the bridal party and the grooms men ). So he believes that the brides chooses and normally only has her choice of people that stand on her side and the same for the groom. Basically she picks her people and he picks his. Now I believe that the decision should be left open to both the bride and groom. I mean what if the groom has a female relataive or friend that he wants to be apart of his wedding, and the same if the brides has a male that she may wants included.  For my wedding I choose to have a very small bridal party. Consisting of just my sister and my godsister. But what if my husband had said that he wanted his sisters to be apart of it or I said I wanted my brother to stand as a groomsmen? That would been perfectly fine. So I'm under the impression that everyone has the same understanding but, according to my husband, I'm the only person that thinks that way. Silly debate, but I wonder...............

Typically for your family and friends being a bridal party attendant is quite an honor, just be sure that you are choosing those who are up to the responsibility, especially your maid of honor and best man.
If the decision becomes a tug of war well, what better time to start getting used to idea of COMPROMISE?
 You'll find that marriage is all about that!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drink up don't Bank up

This thought was inspired by another blog that I read (see link) by another budget bride blogger.

The topic of the blog post was about whether or not to have alcoholic beverages at your wedding or other event. Now, I'm not really going to go on about why or why not you should have it. My thing is if you can afford it, do it. As with any thing else you must do it on a scale that is with in your range. The ticket system that the budget bride mentioned is a more cost effective idea, but if you are concerned about looking tacky than just have the tickets left behind the bar and have the bar tender pull them as the drinks are served. When the tickets are depleted then the bar is closed. Please don't over do it trying to impress your guests by buying and serving top shelf liquor. Knowing that on a regular basis you drink the other stuff.
( I won't be specific). You will always hear me preaching on being realistic. You must be realistic!
Speaking of being/looking tacky. So many brides and grooms are so concerned with how they are going to look if they choose a less extravagant element for their event. Nobody wants to look ghetto. Well of course you don't want to do that. Forties would most likely not be appropriate for a wedding, UNLESS of course that's what you want, if so more power to you, but you just have to (again) be realistic. You're mostly going to know the guests at your wedding or event. So stop and think "what do these people normally drink"? You'll most likely realize that it's usually not $200 bottles of champagne. Soooo why start now? Especially when it's on your dime.

  • Check out the label on the back of your favorite drink, their are often some simple cocktail recipes found there. If its something that can be made ahead of time, perhaps you can mix it and pour it into a pitcher and have the bartender ( if there is one) just pour garnish and serve.
  • Visit
  • Look for the website on the bottle of some of your fav drinks, they may have some recipes using that particular brand
  • If you are using a venue thats allows outside catering, you have the option of bringing in your own bartender. If you're the partying type, use the social butterfly within you to yout advantage. Introduce yourself to the local bartender at your favoriter hangout spot. You may meet someone with the necassary skills that's looking to earn some extra cash.


Monday, February 1, 2010

I gotta Introduce you to my services.

Vision Possible Wedding & Special Event Planning

We offer full service wedding and event planning.
  • Are you soooo not in to that kind of thing? Then we can head the entire project for you.
  • Have you taken some step already, but you want/need some help bringing it all together? We'll take over from here.
  • You know what you want but don't know how to bring it to life? We'll handle the decor.
  • You have big dreams  but not big money? We can share advice with you, point you in the direction of our prefered vendors. etc. etc. etc.

You have a vision