Monday, September 27, 2010

A bit of a bridal beware!

A little tip for engaged couples

All over the Internet you will find lists of questions for your officiant and /or ceremony site interview.

Questions such as
Do you have an alternate location in case of bad weather?
Are there any restrictions on what we can do with decorations, setup, music?
Are there any clean up requirements?
Are there photography/videography restrictions?
Is seating provided?
What is the fee? Is there a deposit?
Is an arch provided for us?
What time can our vendors arrive for setup?
Can we have our rehearsal here, too?
What other events will be here that day?
Is there a coordinator or contact who will help take care of things?

I think the question,  "Are there any restriction"? Is pretty vague.
When you hear that you think of things such as, what type of music can be played, or can we use tape for decorations or something along those lines.

So lets add the question, Do I have the freedom to perform my ceremony the way I ’d like or do I have to do it your way?. Be very specific during your ceremony site interview. You could be walking into a, my way or the high way type of setting. If you are a go with the flow kind person then that may work for you. However if you have personality and you want to display that in your ceremony, by doing things a little different, this may be a problem. Now sure in a holy place such as a church, there are some things you just can’t do. But surely walking in differently during the processional, or coming through a different door, or facing another way, is not at all offensive to anyone’s religion. So that should not be a big deal.

Also if this Is a church that you are not a member of, you may have to pay what they call a ( “donation” ) in order to use the church and/or it’s officiant. If you do pay that donation, ask what you get for your money.

For example if there is something that you don’t want on display at your ceremony, do you have the right to say so? Some churches have a on site wedding ceremony coordinator ( That’s usually the lady from the congregation that helps with all the weddings.) Find out if you are obligated to use their services. Especially if you have your own coordinator already. If so, ask to meet this person, and maybe have a meeting with their coordinator and yours to establish a clear understanding of who has what duties. Keep in mind, some pastors, or preacher, or priests or what have you, tend to be rather territorial over there house of worship and may not be open to an outside coordinator coming in to direct the ceremony. Have these things established in advanced so that your ceremony rehearsal does not become a chaotic tug of war. And no one steps on any ones toes. That’s the last thing you need the night before your wedding.

Let this be one thing that you won’t have to find out the hard way.

Happy Planning!