Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you're going to jump the broom, do it in style!

As I remember my wedding day, one moment that stands out is the moment right after the kiss, when we turned to face our family and friends. A member of our wedding party stepped forward and placed a broom at our feet. And everyone began to cheer! Then we ~JUMPED THE BROOM!~ That has been my experience at every wedding that I have participated in or was a guest at, that included this tradition. The excitement and joy that fills the room during the jumping of the broom is something you’d have to experience for yourself. Especially when you know the origin and meaning behind this wedding tradition.

A little bit of background:
Little form of marriage was recognized for enslaved blacks during American slavery. In its absence, the ceremonial jumping of the broom served as an open declaration of settling down in a marriage-like relationship within the slave community. Although there is some debate as to where this tradition actually originated. It has been embraced and carried on over the years. After the end of slavery, this tradition was no longer necessary as freedom allowed slaves to marry as they pleased. It made sort of a come back after it was mentioned/shown in Alex Haley’s Roots.

You may not know:
Broom jumping is also practiced by non-black groups and different religions around the world with some variation. In the Celtic ritual, it is a symbol of fertility. Several couples interested in history or pagan ritual also are now adopting this custom in their weddings.

Today it is used as a celebratory wedding tradition, A broom itself represents cleanliness, the hearth and family.

So In a turn, the joy of jumping over the broom comes from the fact that it’s now done not because we have to, but because we want to!!!!

Do it in style!
It is a great pleasure to help brides and grooms tie their personal taste and style into their wedding tradition by creating custom brooms for their ceremony/ or reception. These days more and more people are in to showing who they are through their personal style, right down to their wedding décor.

Our wedding brooms are a great way to combine tradition and style. Couples can choose their custom broom design based on their style , the theme and/or color scheme of the wedding, the season etc. We also have standard designs to choose from. These embellished brooms make for great keepsakes that can be displayed in your home after the special day, or can just be purchased as home décor. Best of all they are very affordable!

Vision Possible broom featured the Village Bridal Showcase August 2010

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Mr.& Mrs. Getting ready to jump the broom
( Broom by Vision Possible)

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