Monday, July 19, 2010

The Times, They Are A Changing

eWedNews recently reported a study suggesting that established business owners are having the most difficult time.
That report has inspired the following thoughts. So it basically states that business has been better for vendors that have been around  for less than 5 years, those that are newest to the industry, than it has been for those more established older companies

I imagine that, that might be so because although times have changed some wedding industry businesses are not willing to change with it. The economy has changed significantly and has effected most of us. Being in a position where you may need a break yourself, should open your eyes to the fact that your client may need a break too. Sure you must make a profit and be paid for you services but, I think the old way of doing things has to changed.

Lots of brides are turned away by more "Upscale and established" companies because they are on a budget.
Which then leads them to trying to handle the plans themselves, and often leaving out important details.
There are many hard working, engaged couples who want a beautiful, memorable wedding or event that they can be proud of but aren't willing to go into debt to achieve it. What about them?????

It's like saying " Don't look over here, I can't help you."
It's 2010 and these days everyone prides themselves on being budget savvy, frugalistas. Even shopping at second hand thrift stores for everything from clothes to accessories, home decor and much more has become increasingly popular. I am seeing more budget bridal friendly event planning companies, websites, books etc, but it is, in my opinion kind of looked down  upon by those same established companies that are struggling.

Everyone is deserving of upscale treatment and services regardless of budget! Of course realistic expectations must come along with that budget, anyone low on funds should surely already know that.
But it can be done, it has been done.

Speaking as someone who was once and a bride and now a planner, I know that when money is a issue, someone willing to help make a dream come true is much appreciated.

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