Friday, August 27, 2010


Throughout the wedding planning process you often find yourself swiping your credit cards and signing checks to pay for items and services for your special day.

After swiping and signing what seems like hundreds of times, before you know it, you have everything you need, and your wedding day has come and gone. Try throwing a DIY project in to the middle of all of those purchases. Nothing makes you feel more proud than watching someone enjoy something you made yourself.

There is a wide range of event elements that you can create.
Everything from invitations , favors, programs, table numbers etc. The Possibilities are pretty much endless!
Creating some DIY elements, is a great way to add a personal touch to your event that your guests will
Surely appreciate and remember. A personal touch is often a conversation piece. Which is also important in pulling of a great event. You want to keep your guests engaged.


The time and effort that it takes to work on those DIY projects is a
great opportunity to create memories.
You will always remember the night that you and mom and the girls sat around the table cutting hundreds of pieces of ribbon and printing out page after page until it came out right.

Cost Cutting

Creating some of the items for your event will also help cut cost.
With all of the fees applied when making a purchase, such as shipping and processing. You can bypass some of that by just doing it yourself.


Try not to get in over your head. Know your limit and abilities. Make sure you have enough time, know how and help to dedicate toward your DIY project. It’s important not to get stressed out.

You’re supposed to be having fun!

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