Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep a cool head on your warm wedding day

Wedding season is in full swing and it's heating up out there!
Really quickly I just want to share with the brides out there a few things to keep in mind for your warm wedding day.

So much time will be spent on your hair and make-up so you don't want anything to ruin it beyond a little touch up. So make sure you stay cool. Definitely consider the season when choosing your wedding gown and head piece. If you have hired a limo or car service make sure that the company assures that the AC in the vehicle they send is working properly. Same for the wedding venue. If you are getting gifts for your wedding party you may want to include small fans (manual or battery operated ) Consider them for your guests as well, especially if any of the festivities will take place outside. The great thing about the fans is they can double as programs or favor. 

 Umbrellas (parasols) aren't just for the rain. Make sure you or your planner has a (attractive) umbrella on hand for shade. Again if the wedding will take place out doors (park , beach, etc.) you or your planner should pack sunblock, enough for you, your wedding party and guests. Be sure to pack deodorant, a hanker chief, stay hydrated. Most importantly, keep a cool head!
                                   Don't let this be you.
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